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Jeremy Huffman

Founder, Constant Flow Marketing

Set Up A Spam Filter For Bad Leads

Overwhelmed with leads?

Our clients sure are.

2021 has been great for home services like landscaping and pools.

We help our clients implement two things that help them filter out the best fit leads:

1. We help them set up a survey to send after a lead fills out a contact form. In the survey, we ask the fewest possible questions needed to determine if they are a good fit. When someone calls instead of filling out the form, they get asked the same questions. Clients must pass the filter to speak to a salesperson.

2. Next, we help them set up a lead management system. We think setting up a CRM that can automate processes and send marketing emails is the best solution. With a CRM in place, all new leads can be tracked as they come in and move through your sales process. You can send follow-up messages, send promotions, educate, and inspire with your CRM.

How are you dealing with lead overwhelm?

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