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Jeremy Huffman

Founder, Constant Flow Marketing

Never Optimize Your Cost Per Lead. Here’s Why.

I want to help you avoid a big mistake when marketing your business.

What is this big mistake?

Focusing on getting the most leads for the least amount of money.

When you focus on getting the most leads for the least amount of money, you will attract the same client that *surprise* want the most amount of your services for the least amount of money.

Do you really want to attract clients that want to squeeze you for every penny and push you to do more than what you offer?

With some work and guidance, you can attract clients that are happy to pay your fees and love the work that you do.

Here are some better things to focus on:

  1. Strengthen your sales process “muscles”. Focus on taking a prospective customer that doesn’t know you from initial contact to raving fan. Develop a sales process that produces results. Without a good sales process, you’ll miss out on great leads. If your team is bad at selling, how will you improve without a process in place?
  2. Avoid low-value tasks. I talk to a lot of business owners that still answer the phone every time it rings. This is fine in the start-up phase, but you should quickly hire an administrative assistant to filter everything out that someone else can handle. Incoming calls should be answered by someone who is dedicated to handling basic requests like “do you do this service?” or “can we sell you some toner?”. You are too important to the success of your business to get distracted by answering the phone. Recent studies on attention have shown that it takes 15-20 minutes to get back to work after an interruption. That means as few as 20 – 5-minute phone calls can eat up your entire day. How many days have you lost to distractions like this?
  3. Spend as much time as you can selling to your ideal clients. Let’s say that your marketing brings in 100 phone calls and 10 of them are good leads every month. Because you spent time with the 90 leads who were not your ideal customer, you have less time to spend with the 10 good leads. What if you could spend 80-90% of your time talking with 20 people that are your ideal customers instead of 10% of your time in the example above? This can be a bit tricky, but when you can spend all of your time with your ideal client, you will have less stress and you can charge premium prices. For more on this, sign up for a risk-free marketing review.

Spend your time and energy on improving sales skills, your sales process, and getting in front of your very best customers. Focusing on these things will give you a much higher return on investment.

Never optimize your cost per lead, instead optimize for your ideal customer.

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