How to Save Man Hours Over the Phone

Phone calls are a crucial part of interacting with customers, but the person answering the phone often seems to be winging it. Does this sound like something you do? Why?

The person answering the phone represents your first impression to a potential client. Being able to answer basic questions about the company and gather essential information is key to being effective and moving the sales cycle forward. This process is frequently overlooked and several companies have lost countless potential clients due to to a poor phone interaction.

To ensure that the person answering your phone is well-prepared, YOU as the business owner are responsible for training this person. In addition to being able to paraphrase your business to callers, this person needs to have a pleasant demeanor over the phone.

Having a phone script can be very helpful when it comes to gathering essential information and asking the right questions. Getting someone’s vital information on the first call is paramount to signing a project. After all, you can’t contact someone without their phone number or e-mail address. In addition, asking the right questions can help filter out projects that aren’t a good fit for your company.

If the person calling in is not a good fit for what you do, you can end the call politely by referring them to another company that operates more within the scope of their project. This not only gives you time to focus on tasks that need to be done, but it frees up the phone for someone who is a better fit to call in.